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Stress AWareness Month – Download Free Headspace App


April is Stress Awareness Month: a perfect time to learn about your stressors, educate yourself on the good and bad kinds of stress, and dedicate an extra few minutes a week to self-care.  San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services has partnered with Headspace to provide free resources to help residents cope with stresses brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.   

With the Headspace app you can access guided exercises, sleep sounds, meditations, videos, facts and tips to help you manage, understand, and react to stress. 

Sign up here, if you live, work or go to school in San Mateo County, all free through August 2021.

Stop the surge of covid-19

It’s more critical than ever that we all do our part to stop the surge. Wear a mask, physically distance and limit gatherings. 

#MaskUpSMC  😷

Es más crítico que nunca que todos hagamos nuestra parte para dcambiar la trayectoria. Usa una máscara, distancia física y limita las reuniones.


free COVID-19 Testing available

Testing for #COVID19 is available at mobile operations that rotate among 5 communities M-F for everyone 18+ who lives or works in #SanMateoCounty. Make an appointment at least 7 days in advance at Project Baseline: More info here:

Las pruebas COVID-19 están disponibles en los sitios móviles que rotan entre 5 comunidades de lunes-viernes para los mayores de 18 años que vivan/trabajen en #SanMateoCounty. Haga una cita con al menos 7 días de anticipación: Más aquí: 

Protect Yourself and Others By Wearing a Mask

Continuing to Practice COVID-19 Safety for Yourself and Your Community

We all Have What it Takes to Protect Ourselves and Others from COVID-19!

Reminders to Keep You Safe From COVID-19

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