Share Your Recovery Story

Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS) regularly shares personal stories of hope, resilience and recovery from individuals in San Mateo County who are living with and/or recovering from a substance use and/or mental health condition.  We seek brief narratives from individuals reflecting diverse perspectives who are interested in sharing their story publicly.  Stories from family members’ perspectives are also welcome. 

Narratives may include:

  • What was life like before you received treatment? What led to developing the condition?
  • What made you commit to getting treatment?  What led up to this?
  • How are you different today?  What is going right in your life?  
  • How does recovery feel for you?
  • Ongoing supports that help in your recovery.
  • Advice you would give to someone who may be in treatment or needs treatment. 

Narratives may be shared in Wellness Matters (BHRS’ online newsletter), on the BHRS blog, or other San Mateo County Health communications and social media channels, such as facebook.  See an example of past stories published.


  • Submission deadline:  August 2nd
  • Narratives should be between 300-600 words.  Stories that exceed 600 words will be accepted but may be edited down for length.
  • Stories must include a recovery component that conveys a positive hopeful message.
  • Stories will be published with first name only.  If you wish to use a pseudonym name, please include this at the top of your story.

Stories with the following content will be reviewed and may be edited or not published:

  • Explicit/graphic content that may be triggering for readers
  • Offensive, stigmatizing or lewd language
  • Information that would identify you or others, specific medications/medical treatments
  • Religious expression from a particular faith, prayers or proselytizing statements or political proselytizing statements
  • Promoting specific blogs, websites, books, etc.

How to submit your story