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Nominations for Tony Hoffmann Community Mental Health Service Awards

1283674The San Mateo County Mental Health & Substance Abuse Recovery Commission is seeking nominees for its annual Tony Hoffman Community Mental Health Service Awards. This honor is made to individuals, professionals, businesses, and the media who have made an extraordinary difference in the lives of people with mental illness and the San Mateo County community.

Recognition is given for public education or advocacy to promote mental health awareness and needs or to address stigma, services to persons with mental illness, creation of new and innovative programs or community support activities; recognition of fundraising for mental health activities or long-term financial support to mental health programs; working for new mental health legislation; compassionate treatment of persons with mental illness.

Awards will be presented to honorees at the San Mateo County Mental Health & Substance Abuse Commission meeting, date to be determined. Deadline for award nominations is June 15, 2020.

For details and the form, please download here:

California Clubhouse is seeing GREEN!

MHAM Wear Green!

Message from California Clubhouse.

“California Clubhouse is seeing GREEN! We are excited to celebrate and show our support this Mental Health Awareness Month by launching our YouTube channel where we will post videos with the theme “Each Mind Matters: Express Yourself”. This month, we are working with our community to post 30 seconds videos “focusing on how expressing ourselves in different way can raise awareness about mental health.”

Check out our YouTube page:

We are asking our greater San Mateo County community to post #ExpressYourself videos to raise awareness and break down stigma – 30 seconds is all you need! Post on our Facebook and/or Twitter pages and share with family and friends!


Stay safe and healthy – we look forward for seeing you at the various Virtual Events throughout the county this month. 

– California Clubhouse”

Missed the Race and COVID-19 TownHall? Watch here!

The impacts of COVID-19 have touched us all. However, it has been particularly concerning for our marginalized communities. The pandemic has highlighted how individuals with lack of adequate health insurance coverage, employment instability, economic uncertainty and limited ability to physically distance due to their work or housing situations are at greater risk of the physical and mental health impacts of COVID-19.

San Mateo County Race and Coronavirus Town Hall – May 1, 2020, was hosted by the Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Office of Diversity and Equity in collaboration with StarVista, Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council, Get Healthy San Mateo County, and Catholic Charities to provide accurate information and resources, hearing community voices to inform the work and support in reaching all those in need across San Mateo County.

For more information, please contact Office of Diversity and Equity at

Mark Your Calendars for 2020 May Mental Health Awareness Month!

Colleagues and friends,

Each year, San Mateo County joins our state and country in celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM) in May. MHAM is one of the best times of the year where we can promote wellness and reduce stigma against those facing mental health and substance use issues.

Starting today, San Mateo County is joining Each Mind Matters, California’s Statewide Mental Health Movement, in promoting the theme #ExpressYourself. As we celebrate 2020 MHAM, we are focusing on how expressing ourselves in different ways can raise awareness about mental health, break down barriers between people, build our own wellness and strengthen our communities. Due to COVID-19, all of our events will be taking place virtually this year. Look forward to virtual open mics, paint and dance classes, mental health panels, and more! All events will be FREE and available to the public.

Stay tuned every week in May for weekly emails:

Week 1: Express Your Support

Week 2: Express Your Well-being

Week 3: Express Encouragement

Week 4: Express Unity

Please share with your clients, friends, family and community the attached flyer or this website where you can get more updates and details.

We appreciate any level of support you can give to promote MHAM!

In community,

BHRS Office of Diversity and Equity (ODE) and 2020 MHAM Planning Committee

BHRS COVID-19 Resources

See the BHRS resources below for mental health and substance use services; coping with stress, grief and loss; ideas on how to stay well and active during the Shelter in Place order; other community resources.

How to find Mental Health & Substance Use Services

If you are a San Mateo County resident seeking mental health or substance services and are covered through Medi-Cal or are uninsured, call the BHRS Access Call Center at 1-(800) 686-0101, TDD: 1-(800) 943-2833 for information, resources, assessment and a referral. If you are privately insured, please contact your health care provider or insurance carrier.

Other COVID-19 County Resources

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Wellness While Physical Distancing

San Mateo County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services has put together a resource to help our community stay well and active during the COVID-19 Shelter in Place. Ideas include virtual tours of museums, free online courses, virtual concerts, and more.

This is not a comprehensive list but meant to spark your creativity and curiosity. Be well!

Click here for the guide.

91% of Clients Satisfied with BHRS Services

Twice a year, in May and November, BHRS administers the Consumer Perception Survey on behalf of the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to a sampling of adults, older adults, youth and family members  of youth consumers who receive specialty mental health services.  

The survey questions address the following seven domains: General Satisfaction, Perception of Access, Perception of Cultural Sensitivity, Perception of Participation in Treatment Planning, Perception of Outcomes of Services, Perception of Functioning, and Perception of Social Connectedness.   

Of the 827 consumers and family members who participated in the November 2019 survey, 91% said they were satisfied with the services they received. Read more about the results here.

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