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Release: Jan. 31 Affordable Health Coverage Deadline

covered californiaWith just two weeks until the January 31 deadline to sign up for health insurance through Covered California, an estimated 29,000 San Mateo County residents still do not have health insurance and may qualify for financial help. The health system is encouraging all county residents to enroll in affordable health coverage. Check out the news release for more information.

There will be free health coverage enrollments, along with a presentation on health coverage programs for all immigrants in California at the Health Coverage for All forum on January 28.




In the News: Emergency Preparedness and Transgender Day of Remembrance

Emergency Preparedness

BHRS Mental Health Program Specialist, Betty Ortiz-Gallardo, and Health System Emergency Preparedness Manager, Shruti Dhapodkar, recently sat down with Pen Voice to discuss San Mateo County’s response to the North Bay Wildfires and the county’s own emergency preparedness program. Check out the video above for more.


Remembrance and Resilience in the Transgender Community

SMDJ TDOR article

On July 16, The San Mateo County Pride Center  hosted a Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil to honor the 25 people whose lives were taken by anti-transgender violence, in this year alone. Statistics show that transgender people also face higher rates of suicidal ideation, homelessness, substance abuse, isolation, discrimination, job insecurity and violence.

“We’re not just mourning the lives that have been lost, but really coming together and saying, ‘we are a resilient community,'” said ODE director, Jei Africa. Check out this article in The San Mateo Daily Journal for more.


In the News: Steve Kaplan, Closing a Compassionate Career

This week, The San Mateo Daily Journal published an article on November 13 about former BHRS Director Steve Kaplan’s career in the behavioral health community. Read about Steve’s thoughts on medicated assistant treatment, the unaffordability of housing for those in recovery and Medi-Cal funding finally being authorized for substance use treatment programs in the full article.

Steve Kaplan SMDJ Article


In the News: Federal Dollars Sent to Local Rehabs

Last week several local nonprofits providing substance use services received a boost when county supervisors approved millions of dollars in reimbursements available due to the affordable care act. San Mateo County is one of the first in California to pull federal funds for local providers. The county approved funds from the Drug Medi-Cal Orgranized Delivery System for programs like StarVista, Our Common Ground and Project 90.

Check out this article The San Mateo Daily Journal published on November 3 for more, including thoughtful insight from health services manager, Clara Boyden.



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