December 9 – Filipino Mental Health Initiative Immigration Forum

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The Office of Diversity and Equity’s Filipino Mental Health Initiative(FMHI) is excited to announce they will be hosting an immigration forum, Immigrants: At the Crossroads, for the Filipino Community on Saturday, December 9th at St. Andrew Catholic Church Hall in Daly City from 1:30 – 4pm. 

According to Psychiatric Services, the Philippines is the fourth largest country of origin of immigrants to the United States, and the second-fastest-growing Asian immigrant group in the United States. Yet Filipino Americans are shown to significantly under-utilize existing mental health care services that are culturally, socially, and linguistically incompatible with their needs. Along with stigma, the attachment to traditional practices and healing methods remains a notable barrier to appropriate care for the Filipino American community.

This is why FMHI was created in 2006 with the mission to improve the well-being of Filipinos in San Mateo County through:

  • Reduction of stigma of mental health
  • Increasing access to culturally responsive services
  • Further empowering the community through outreach and engagement. 

This event is made through the contributions and collaborations of St. Andrew Catholic Church, San Mateo County Supervisor, David Canepa, SMC Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, and the Office of Diversity and Equity. The event will contain a resource fair, free parol making and children’s activities, raffles, and refreshments. We hope to see you there! 

For more information about how FMHI serves San Mateo County’s Filipino Community or this event, visit or email 


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