Be Sensitive, Be Brave Trainings for Filipino/a/x Community

Please join us for two upcoming virtual Be Sensitive, Be Brave Trainings focused towards the Filipino/a/x Community.
– Be Sensitive Be Brave for Suicide Prevention | Thursday, 10/26 from 11AM-12:30PM | Register here
– Be Sensitive Be Brave for Mental Health | Monday, 10/30 from 10AM-12PM | Register here

The Be Sensitive, Be Brave infuses culture and diversity throughout these two free foundational workshops on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention for community members.

Be Sensitive, Be Brave – For Mental Health
The mental health workshop prepares community members to help friends and loved ones during times of distress. Learn how to recognize mental health conditions, what to do when someone needs support, and tools for maintaining good mental health.

Learn how to:

  • Identify if someone is in mental distress
  • Practice being sensitive and brave in helping others
  • Increase awareness of mental health resources
  • Build resilience using a recipe for mental health
  • Build cultural sensitivity around mental health
  • Respond to community needs and decrease stigma
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Be Sensitive, Be Brave – For Suicide Prevention

The suicide prevention workshop teaches community members to act as eyes and ears for suicidal distress and to connect individuals to help.

Learn how to:

  • Identify signs of suicide
  • Ask if someone is considering suicide sensitively and confidently
  • Connect individuals with the appropriate support
  • Approach suicide prevention in a culturally sensitive manner

For more information about Be Sensitive, Be Brave, visit their website here.

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