Caffeinate and Conversate with Canepa: A Discussion on Health Equity

For a second time the San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS) Office of Diversity and Equity (ODE) was honored to have the opportunity to support and participate in Supervisor, David Canepa’s “Caffeinate and Conversate with Canepa” series that was held on Saturday, March 25th in Daly City. 

On this occasion the discussion topic was centered on the advancement of health equity and addressing the gaps impeding some communities in attaining services. ODE Director, Dr. Maria Lorente-Foresti and Frances Lobos (ODE Community Health Planner) shared how ODE works to advance behavioral health equity in multiple ways; one is by creating space and opportunities for community members to engage, be active, and provide feedback about their needs via programs like the Health Ambassador Program, Health Equity Initiatives and Parent Project. Secondly, ODE supports BHRS to provide information & services in a culturally responsive ways, which may look like hosting trainings in our county threshold languages and working in collaboration with community partners to provide culturally responsive services and interventions. All participants were provided with information about how to obtain BHRS services and other important community resources.  

In addition to ODE, attendees of the event heard about broader efforts from Lisa Tealer, Executive Director of the Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council (BACHAC), Marmi Bermudez, Senior Manager for Health Coverage Unit and Jessica Ho, Government and Community Affairs Manager at North East Medical Services (NEMS, and even an impromptu testimonial from Health Ambassador, Michael Lim, on the impact of accessing support services. All exemplifying that, as Lisa put it, “it takes a village, to support a village.” 

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