Camp Glenwood Boys Share Their Stories

In November 2018, the boys in Section 4 at Camp Glenwood shared their stories about their hopes for Camp Glenwood and YSC. The Photovoice cohort wanted to highlight the services and resources that benefit them at Camp. They wanted to share their stories with decision makers and providers in San Mateo County in hopes of maintaining and expanding the services they feel that benefit them. This way, other young men who are labeled as “at-risk” in San Mateo County can receive the same resources and services that the boys in Section 4 feel benefit them. Unfortunately, these stories were especially prescient due to the recent news that Camp Glenwood will be closing and moved to Youth Services Center.

Their stories mention the benefits of ‘home passes’, the benefits of the weight room at Camp, and more.

The Photovoice cohort began because the boys would share thoughts about the value of camp, how this model of treatment benefited them and was supporting their success. While they showed motivation before the workshop, the young men showed resistance on the first day of the workshop, sharing statements like ‘nobody is going to listen to this.’ etc.

After the young men completed their Photovoices, they presented their Photovoices at family night at Camp Glenwood. That evening, some of the young men prepared a steak dinner for the District Attorney, Probation Officers, Institution Service Managers, Mental Health Clinicians, as well as the families of the young men. The other boys stood in front of the room and read their Photovoice stories aloud, emphasizing their points and joking with the audience. Ultimately, the boys were recognized as showing more empowerment and growth by the judge following the showing of the Photovoice stories. Achieving the original intentions and goals that the young men set out at the start of the program, the stories reached the county Board of Supervisors as well as leadership staff in Probation.