Missed the Race and COVID-19 TownHall? Watch here!

The impacts of COVID-19 have touched us all. However, it has been particularly concerning for our marginalized communities. The pandemic has highlighted how individuals with lack of adequate health insurance coverage, employment instability, economic uncertainty and limited ability to physically distance due to their work or housing situations are at greater risk of the physical and mental health impacts of COVID-19.

San Mateo County Race and Coronavirus Town Hall – May 1, 2020, was hosted by the Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Office of Diversity and Equity in collaboration with StarVista, Bay Area Community Health Advisory Council, Get Healthy San Mateo County, and Catholic Charities to provide accurate information and resources, hearing community voices to inform the work and support in reaching all those in need across San Mateo County.

For more information, please contact Office of Diversity and Equity at ODE@smcgov.org.