4/20- MHFC State of Emergency COVID-19: Intimate Compassionate Understanding

Rescheduled to Monday April 20, 2020 (12:30pm-2:30pm), MHFC’s virtual event is for all those interested in preserving the lives of African Americans. They are especially reaching out to African American pastors, clergy, faith leaders and other stakeholders to offer essential culturally responsive mental health tools to support those experiencing increased anxiety, depression and feelings of grief due to the isolation and loss of physical connection. 

Session will include discussions on “how to be there when you’re not there”, connecting our community to economic opportunities and sharing of resources to better position our members for compassionate care within our faith communities before there is a need to utilize local emergency rooms. We are aware of an increase in police responses to mental health resources to lower the risk of this potentially dangerous option.

We recognize our Faith and ability to congregate has been a historical protective factor that has sustained us. For us to bridge the gap and challenges of social distancing and our inability to meet together it is critical that we access and apply tools that will enable us to remain a constant source of support for individuals living in isolation.

RSVP by email to mhfc@tricitiescdc.com to receive the password and join us for this critical time of Connection, Compassion and Caring. We want our community to know that I.C.U. Please access the login information from the attached flier. “

It is widely understood that when America has a cold the African American community has pneumonia. Now that American have pneumonia, let’s prevent African Americans from being placed on life support.” – Gigi Crowder L.E.