Flashback Friday: 2019 Mental Health Awareness Month Proclamation

In honor of kicking off 2019’s May Mental Health Awareness Month, last Tuesday the Board of Supervisors proclaimed May as Mental Health Awareness Month.

At the proclamation we heard from Lived Experience Graduate speakers, John Butler and Pamela Ward and the director of San Mateo County Health‘s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, Scott Gilman.

Gilman stated, “I was reminded of the importance of our work when I was watching the news with my 6 year old grandson. . .  and he says Papa, ‘that’s crazy!’ That’s the challenge we have as medical professionals trying to deal with stigma in our community.”

Ward recounts her lived experience by sharing, “One of the primary sources of pain is the stigma against people with mental health challenges. Not only the messaging in the media, but the internalized stigma that had in the past made me doubt myself and my ability to experience wellness”.

Butler shared his Photovoice Comic book developed from clients of South County Mental Health Clinic. PDF link to the comic book will be available soon! 

Huge thank you to all who attended and supported the event! Special thanks to Peninsula Library System and San Mateo County Libraries for partnering with us this year to host over 40 events throughout the month!

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More info can be found at www.smchealth.org/mentalhealthmonth

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