10th Annual Housing Heroes Awards Ceremony

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2017 Housing Heroes honorees and BHRS director: Lisa Dixon, (on behalf of Craig and Clarissa Rothe), Lisa Collins, Perrine and Minerva Salariosa, the Ram family and David Young

This past Wednesday, October 18, BHRS, led by the San Mateo County Change Agent Housing Committee, hosted the 10th Annual Housing Heroes Awards. Safe, affordable housing is an essential part of the recovery process. Unfortunately, finding affordable housing in San Mateo County is more challenging than ever, especially for those who have substance use or mental health issues. These awards honor the individuals and organizations who have helped people with these issues find or keep stable housing.

Twenty seven people and organizations were nominated this year. The 2017 recipients are:

Jo Ellen Chu, Property Owner and Manager
Lisa Collins, Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Julia Parmer, Case Manager, HealthRIGHT 360
Craig and Clarissa Rothe, Prodesse Property Management
Perrine and Minerva Salariosa, Portobello Care Home
The Ram Family, Property Owners

The award recipients, along with BHRS staff, clients, family and friends, attended the event at the Redwood Shores Library. Many shared kind words about the awardees, including some of the clients who are now in stable housing thanks to the important work that they do.

BHRS Director David Young, and Supervisor Carole Groom were in attendance, and both spoke out about the vital role that stable housing plays in the recovery of our clients and community members.

“There’s nothing more warming and comforting when you’ve had a tough day…than to go home at night and put the key in the door…knowing that this is your perfect place,” said Supervisor Groom. “It’s such dignity to have that kind of place to go home to at night, and those of you who are being awarded today create that.”