Amplifying Consumer Voices

In raising awareness around suicide prevention and celebrating recovery, our community sent a strong message this September: suicide is preventable and recovery is possible.

One of the most important things we did this September – and will continue to do all year long – is amplify the voices of those who have worked hard to overcome their behavioral health challenges. In sharing these stories, we embolden others to seek recovery as well.

Check out this collection of personal recovery stories in the September issue of Wellness Matters, where Amy, Janice and Jose share the personal strength and community support which helped them turn their lives around. The article, “Paying it Forward in the Recovery Community” highlights the incredible work that aspiring drug counselor, Christopher Herrera, and Eduardo Tirado of Voices of Recovery are doing to give back to the community that helped them recover – a pervasive theme among those who have overcome substance use and/or mental health issues.

Read Christopher’s full story on the San Mateo County Health System Facebook page, in a collection of in depth stories highlighting the experiences of four local individuals who are in recovery from mental health and substance use disorders or have experienced suicidal ideation. Also, see the stories of Renee Harris, who is now a BHRS peer support worker, and Christian Hidalgo, who is working towards a career in mental health services.  Finally, keep an eye out for Eduardo’s full story coming on Facebook later on this year.

As we congratulate Amy, Janice, Jose, Christopher, Eduardo, Renee and Christian on their courage, let’s continue to share stories of hope and resilience, and show everyone in San Mateo County and beyond that suicide is preventable and recovery is possible!

If you’re interested in sharing your story, contact Diane Tom or Lauren Mascarenhas.