Mental Health Matters in the Northwest County! 


#TBT (Throwback Thursday): One of our Mental Health Awareness Month Mini-Grant Awardees, the Northwest Community Service Area (CSA), hosted Lime Green Champion Ribbon Walls at 5 agencies.


The wall demonstration acknowledges the important role support networks play in individual’s mental health wellness and recovery.

Northwest CSA Manager, Tim Holechek shares his experience with the ribbon walls:

In observance of May Mental Health Awareness Month, North County Mental Health Clinic and four partner agencies- Pyramid Alternatives, Daly City Youth Health Center, Pacifica Resource Center, and the Daly City Partnership- hosted Ribbon Walls at their respective sites throughout  the month of May.  The response was great, with dozens of individuals who use the services of these agencies identifying their “lime green champions” and giving them a grateful shout-out with a lime green ribbon on the wall.  Their champions  are individuals, organizations, pets, etc. who people, facing the challenges of having a mental health condition, rely on for support and maintenance of their stability and well-being.  The Ribbon Wall activity clearly demonstrated the power of people’s support networks, however big or small, in helping folks with mental health conditions maintain hope, feel cared about, and connected with others in their recovery.  And as long as there are people in our communities who will extend themselves to support a person with a mental health condition, there is hope that together we can overcome the stigma experienced by those whose lives have been impacted by mental health.

Inspired by our North County community’s work in showcasing our mental health support network? Learn how to create your own Lime Green Champion Ribbon Wall in your lobby, store or other public space at