Getting a job? Unsure about how to make it happen?

Your path to a successful, independent, and fulfilling future sfutureviewstarts with FutureVIEWS* at Skyline College!

Workshops focusing on personal growth, academic and career exploration through a series of workshops.

Participants will learn:
• Skills and gain knowledge of the various student support services offered at Skyline College that will prepare them to be successful in school or in getting and holding a job.

Students will be assisted with accessing:
• Psychological Services, Disability Resource Center, Workability, Job Club, Financial Aid, Sparkpoint, and The Learning Center, just to name a few.

For more information about the program services and workshops, please contact
Dr. Clyde Lewis, Workability III, Skyline College | (650) 738-4399 |
Chris Robinson, Supported Education, Caminar | (650) 574-6472 |
Tim Holechek, North Co. Mental Health, BHRS | (650) 301-8656 |
Tarek ElJarrari, Adjunct Faculty, Psychology Department | (650) 483-4697 |

FutureVIEWS provides participants with individualized support to help them achieve their
vocational and/or educational goals. The program is entirely FREE, and all materials are
provided free of charge, including your certificate of achievement upon completion!!!
Let FutureVIEWS help you expand your horizon and realize your potential.