Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Unit Joins BHRS


CDIP Team clockwise from left: Edith Cabuslay, Shaunda Scruggs, Fancesca Lomotan, and Elaine Lo

The Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention (CDIP) Unit from Family Health Services will has joined the BHRS Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Prevention Services unit. This move is envisioned by Health System Administration as an opportunity to consolidate the prevention efforts from the two divisions into one unit.

“We are hopeful that this organizational change will strengthen the place-based AOD prevention partnerships that BHRS has invested significantly in.  And also leverage the framework and learnings that the Tobacco Education Coalition and the Tobacco staff have furthered to drive reductions in tobacco use in communities across San Mateo County,” said Srija Srinivasan, Health System Interim Deputy Chief.

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