California Clubhouse Seeks New Facility

Behind the doors of California Clubhouse in San Mateo is a group of adults learning, working and socializing with one thing in common — they’re all living with a mental health diagnosis. It’s been about a year since the local chapter of this worldwide nonprofit has been fully operational and at the point where it’s about to outgrow its Palm Avenue facility.

Now, Clubhouse is seeking an alternate site where it can continue to create a network of folks who have forged a supportive environment allowing them to focus on vocational skills. “The Clubhouse is really a community in itself and it provides an opportunity for people whose lives have been disrupted by their illness to come to a place, meet people who understand what they’re going through and to be encouraged, reconnect with their goals, their aspirations for life, really help them regain that sense of purpose in their life and their future,” said California Clubhouse Executive Director Erica Horn.

But as of June 15, the newly formed chapter must move to a new building as their short-term lease is slated to expire. Plus, its success over the last year has made officials keenly aware that they need to expand as they have nearly 75 members and anticipate more in the coming years, Horn said.  See the full story by Samantha Weigel in the Daily Journal.