Introducing our Newest HAP Graduates

In March and April 2016, the San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services’ Office of Diversity and Equity (ODE) was proud to introduce our eight newest Health Ambassadors to the Mental Health & Substance Abuse Recovery Commission. These individuals were awarded a BHRS Health Ambassador Certificate and were given a few moments to reflect on their experience participating in the Health Ambassador Program (HAP) and their hopes as a Health Ambassador.

HAP 1 4-2016

[Our Health Ambassadors recognized in March from L to R: Darryl Stubblefield, Dr. Maria Lorente-Foresti – HAP Coordinator, Nora Perez, and Maria Anguiano. Bold names are our newest HAP recipients.]

HAP 2 4-2016

[Health Ambassadors recognized in April 2016 from L to R: Marlenne Fajardo, Alejandra Cudos, Yrene Orue, Maggie Furey – Parent Project Coordinator, Maria Cuellar, and Sandy Bay. Bold names are our newest HAP recipients.]

We would like to congratulate these dedicated individuals and recognize them for their commitment and work to broaden our services and assist in addressing health disparities in our San Mateo County communities. We recognize their passion to help others and their pledge to continue learning. We acknowledge their continued work, as a BHRS Health Ambassador, to decrease stigma, assist individuals and families who are in need, to be a liaison with our communities & to teach others the tools to wellness.

To become a BHRS Health Ambassador, individuals must complete the ODE Parent Project® and 4 additional ODE community education courses. More information can be found at

 The Health Ambassador Program is supported by SMC BHRS, ODE & is funded by the voter approved Mental Health Services Act (Prop 63).