White House Mental Health Twitter Chat

The White House Asian American Pacific Islander E3! Ambassadors partnered with Boston University School of Public Health and Students for Quality Health Care to host a Mental Health Twitter Chat. The purpose of this Twitter conversation is to:

  1. Highlight the experiences of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPI) and their views surrounding mental health and well-being; and
  2. Share resources from non-profit and federal organizations that may help aid those very students in promoting health and wellness.

Using hashtag #E3MentalHealth, various federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, professionals and students were welcomed to join the conversation about mental health in the AAPI community. There was a lot of great information and resources shared in regards with mental health issues in the AAPI community. Here are some sample tweets:

  • Bryan Dosono (or @bdosono) tweeted:
    • “@BU_E3 A2: #AAPI families are reluctant to seek care because cultural norms stigmatize #MentalHealth as taboo. #E3MentalHealth” and
    • “@BU_E3 A3: Migrants face linguistic challenges to mental health care. #E3MentalHealth http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24375384.”
  • SAMHSA (@samhsagov) replied:
    • “@bdosono @BU_E3 Yes! Also, cultural background&language can influence how a provider responds to a person w/ symptoms of a mental illness.”
  • National Council of Asian Pacific American ‏(@NCAPA) tweeted:

To read the original thread of Tweets, visit https://twitter.com/hashtag/e3mentalhealth.To learn more about the White House Asian American Pacific Islander E3! Ambassadors, visit http://sites.ed.gov/aapi/e3.