• Thanks for your note, Raja. For this event, our partnership is more specifically with Westmoor High School as our two mental health interns who are part of the Arab-American community expressed interest in providing some information to Arab-American families in Daly City. After the interns voiced interest, we had discussions with Westmoor school staff who confirmed the need and supported moving forward. Our interns worked with school staff with ODE providing additional administrative support. Our efforts to engage the Arab-American community are still fairly new and will continue to grow. We hope you will be able to join us in this effort!

  • What a surprise to learn about this Arab Community Workgroup! Although this sounds like a positive creation, it’s being revealed to me only through this blog. It seems it evolved without inclusive outreach to and involvement with the different Arab constituent resources in this county. BHRS and its ODE have succeeded through such lack of respect for known local resources to alienate those of us from the Arab communities by their shortsighted, arrogant exclusion.