Bridging Spirituality within Clinical Practice

On February 23rd, members of the Spirituality Initiative presented at a training entitled “Bridging Spirituality within Clinical Practice” at the SMC Ground Rounds.

Dr. Paul Yang, Dr. Farah Zaidi, Dr. Barbara Weissman, Renee Prior-Johnson, and Eduardo Tirado presented how spirituality assists clients in their recovery.   Dr. Zaidi and Dr. Yang shared two vignettes on how their clients used spirituality and the meaning it had for each of them. Both psychiatrists had encouraged them to explore the impact of spirituality in their lives. Dr. Yang urged those in attendance to be open their own personal spirituality as he believes that it assists providers in being more caring and loving, thus enables them to be more present with each client they encounter.


Ms. Prior-Johnson, who is a part of Adult Resource Management, shared two vignettes of AOD clients who she had assisted with exploring their spirituality.  This is something that she had done for years and has found it to be an effective way of encouraging and supporting a strength in each person.

Mr. Tirado shared his personal story of his continuing recovery from his addictions.  One of the comments made by an attendee was that he/she “learned more about hope” from Mr. Tirado.

Several of the attendees when asked in the evaluation what they learned said that they needed to listen more carefully to their clients and allow spirituality to be a part of the recovery process.  When asked what changes they might make in their practice several said they now felt more comfortable in talking with their clients about spirituality.

For more information about the Spirituality Initiative, visit their website.