Special Feature #3: Promoting Positive Mental Health Outcomes – The Parent Project®

ODE’s Parent Project® was created specifically for to anyone who cares for a child or adolescent displaying challenging behaviors. The goal is to decrease unhealthy or dangerous behaviors in children and strengthen the relationships within families in a culturally informed manner. It is a free, 12-week course (three hours, once a week) currently offered in both English and Spanish. The program offers childcare and dinner for evening classes.  Since it’s inception in 2013, 439 parents have attend with a graduation rate of 77%.

BHRS knows the crucial role parents play in addressing behavioral issues of adolescents and is committed to providing parents with the skills and education they need “…we are on the ground, in the community, we get to know families and have the privilege of learning their stories and creating effective change… we are about empowering parents…” says Maggie Furey, Program Coordinator.

Enjoy this short video clip and visit ODE’s Community Education webpage to learn more about the Parent Project® and other Community Education programs.

Once a week I am sharing BHRS Office of Diversity and Equity (ODE) prevention programs through a series of short video clips created by the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA), funded by MHSA. Check out our previous blog posts and come back next week for Special Feature #4 – Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid!