Know The Signs – Suicide is Preventable

On Friday and Saturday, June 26-27, BHRS hosted the Spanish suicide prevention training “Reconozca Las Señales- suicidio es preventible” in Half Moon Bay.  This training was in collaboration with CalMHSA, Know The Signs, and Visión y Compromiso. The training prepared community workers and community members to facilitate a 1-hour training on the topic of suicide. The 1-hour training covered how to recognize warning signs of suicide, how to start the conversation if you do see possible warning signs of suicide, and where one can find resources and help if they are needed. By facilitating discussions and educating the community around these areas, we are creating a more aware and safer community. Congratulations to the 22 graduates! To learn more about this campaign, visit: or (Spanish) To learn more about San Mateo County’s efforts toward suicide prevention visit: KTS