Veterans Court Graduation

This morning in Judge Grandsaert’s court five veterans were honored and recognized for their completion of the Veterans Court Program. The courtroom was overflowing with friends, family and other well wishers. The stories of each of the graduates were inspiring in their own right. A man with post traumatic stress disorder and substance use addiction, a Vietnam vet similarly with PTSD and substance use, a young woman living with major depression and substance use and finally a 78 year old veteran with an addiction to cocaine that has plagued him for decades.

Listening to their live stories reinforced the notion that recovery is always possible and that relapse is a characteristic of the trajectory of addiction and  given the right circumstances with the right kind of support amazing things can and do happen.

Judge Grandsaert has been the driving force behind the creation and implementation of Veterans Court in San Mateo. His vision and commitment is now delivering to veterans struggling with addiction and mental health challenges the structure, support and services that is facilitating the kinds of dramatic life changes exhibited by today’s graduates.

When you hear a 78 year old man tell his story and how he is now cherishing his drug free life you realize how important it is to instill hope and offer encouragement to those seeking help regardless of their past.

Congratulations to Judge Grandsaert and his Veterans Court Team!!