In the News: Mental Health First Aid, the new CPR?

The Mercury News recently published an article on the increased funding for Mental Health First Aid, alluding that it just may become as popular as CPR…now, that would be the goal!

As the article quoted, “You are far more likely to come across someone having a mental health crisis or substance abuse disorder than a heart attack or choking on the piece of food at a restaurant”…

Yet, how do you know what depression or anxiety look like?  What do you do when you do meet someone experiencing suicidal thoughts? How do you provide that crucial initial support and help that could save a person’s life?

That’s what Mental Health First Aid teaches you!

And, in San Mateo County we are taking a deliberate approach of ensuring that we reach all ethnic and cultural groups… “In San Mateo it is taught in several languages, including Spanish, Tagalog, Samoan and Tongan, said Jei Africa, director of the county Behavioral Health and Recovery Services’ Office of Diversity and Equity. “What we are doing is paying attention to the cultural nuances — so it’s not ‘one-size-fits-all’ teaching,” Africa said.”

Enjoy the read and visit the Office of Diversity and Equity website to find out how you can attend a FREE, local Mental Health First Aid course (MHFA) or host a course at your location.