Celebrate Recovery Month

National Recovery Month, also known as Recovery Happens Month in San Mateo County, is a national observance held every September since 1989 to educate Americans about substance use treatment and mental health services that can enable those with mental and substance use disorders live healthy, rewarding lives.

Voices of Recovery, in collaboration with Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, has been a part of this celebration since 2014 to promote awareness, positivity, and encouragement for those in and seeking recovery.

Just as we celebrate other health improvements, during September, we celebrate the gains made by those living in recovery. We hope that you will join our virtual events featuring:

  • Sept 1-30: Virtual Art Show & Resource Fair
  • Sept 14: Proclamation
  • Sept 22: Recovery Speaker Jam
    • History of Recovery Month in San Mateo County
    • Special Celebrity Speaker
    • Steve Kaplan Award
    • Philomena Family Expression of Hope
  • Sept 29: Recovery Expression of Talent

See the complete list of events and links at www.vorsmc.org/recoveryhappens2021.

Everyone’s journey is different and we all experience peaks and valleys. However, with the strength, support,
and hope from the people we love, we can be resilient and believe that recovery is possible.