Tony Hoffman 2021 AWard Nominations Due April 20

The Tony Hoffman Community Mental Health Services Award presented annually by the San Mateo County Mental Health and Substance Abuse Recovery Commission recognizes individuals, professionals, businesses, and the media in San Mateo County who have made an extraordinary difference in the lives of people with mental illness and the communities in which they live.

Recognition is given for public education or advocacy to promote mental health awareness and needs or to address stigma; public education and services to provide housing and employment for persons with mental illness; creation of new and innovative programs or community support activities; recognition of fundraising for mental health activities or long-term financial support to mental health programs; or working for new mental health legislation.

They also honor mental health consumers who, in their journey of recovery, are able to give back to their peers or the community. Awards are presented each May during Mental Health Month.

To nominate someone, download and submit the nomination form by April 20, 2021