Releasing Judgement: Join the Voices of Recovery

There continues to be a great deal of stigma in American society associated with mental health illness, substance use and addiction.

However, with the number of opioid overdoses quadrupling nationwide since 1999 and drug-related deaths accounting for 2% of all deaths in San Mateo County in 2017, no one can afford to turn a blind eye.

As difficult as it may be to understand, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction is not a social ill but actually a complex disease that can be treated. In coming together during this annual Recovery Month of September to support individuals with substance use issues, we must acknowledge that these individuals benefit from receiving medical help and community support.

Stigma can prevent those who can help from wanting to help and those who need help from having the courage to seek it.

Learning about mental health and sharing personal stories are great ways to overcome stigma and so is supporting loved ones and friends on their journey of recovery.

You can also attend a Recovery month event.  Find a complete list of events happening throughout the month in San Mateo here. Learn more about Recovery Month.