County Officials consider $33M health care and housing pilot program

Having a safe and secure place to live is an important part of recovery, yet finding and keeping a home challenging especially in today’s market. The County is slated to confirm the creation of the Whole Person Care pilot which takes a holistic approach, including housing, to improve the health of at-risk populations.

Whether a person is struggling with homelessness, a mental health diagnosis or a substance abuse disorder, San Mateo County health officials are looking to take a more integrative approach to improving the lives of at-risk residents.

The Board of Supervisors is slated to confirm creation of the Whole Person Care pilot Tuesday, a $33 million a year program that will draw on federal funding through 2020.

Over the coming years, the county’s Health System aims to assist 5,000 patients who are considered “high utilizers,” or those who visit an emergency room four or more times a year, achieve more stability in their lives. San Mateo is one of 18 counties throughout the state to receive federal grant funding as part of a Medi-Cal waiver allowing providers to allocate health care funds toward other services that ultimately contribute toward a patient’s success, said Peter Shih, a senior manager with the county’s Health System.

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