Cultural Stipend Internship Program Projects are a Wrap!

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The 2015-16 Cultural Stipend Internship Program (CSIP) Awardees have completed and presented their cultural humility related projects to clinic sites, Health Equity Initiatives (HEI), and community groups. 15 awardees spent the past academic year participating in one of nine HEIs, and coordinating a year-long project, in addition to their regular duties as clinical interns.

CSIP provides a stipend of $5,000 awarded annually to up to 20 interns. Awardees are selected based on their expressed interest in and commitment to cultural awareness and social justice in both community and clinical settings; personal identification with marginalized communities; and/or lived experience with behavioral health conditions. Priority is given to bilingual and/or bi-cultural applicants whose cultural background and experience is similar to underserved communities in San Mateo County. Once selected, awardees are then matched with an HEI and tasked with conducting a project that helps BHRS become more culturally sensitive on a systemic level, and more accessible to marginalized communities.

millhs_022516This year’s projects consisted of 2 Clinical Trainings, 4 Community Events, 4 Research Projects, 2 Communication Campaigns, and 1 Research Paper. All projects are posted on the CSIP webpage. They are posted with the intention of being utilized, duplicated and institutionalized by BHRS staff and partner agencies. Please feel free to share the ways in which you are using them. If you have any questions, contact Kim Westrick (

CSIP is truly a collaborative effort between interns, supervisors, Health Equity Initiative co-chairs and members, the Office of Diversity and BHRS staff.  Thank you to all of those who continue to dedicate their time and energy to making these projects a success and providing the intern’s an invaluable experiences and opportunity to make a difference.Predair Opening Slide Image

CSIP applications for 2016-2017 are currently being reviewed by the committee and awardees will be announced in August, 2016.