Feds Help County Expand Addiction Services: First Waiver in State to use Federal Dollars for Extended Treatment of Substance Abuse

San Mateo County is the first in California to receive a waiver from the federal government to expand treatment for individuals on Medi-Cal struggling with drug addiction.

Currently, people with substance use disorders with Medi-Cal health coverage have limited treatment options available, according to a statement by the county Health System’s Behavioral Health and Recovery Services.

Last month, the county was given approval by the state Department of Health Services and federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to create a local “Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System program.

Medi-Cal beneficiaries in need of treatment will be able to access withdrawal management, short-term residential treatment, intensive outpatient, medication assisted treatment, narcotic treatment service, physician consultation and outpatient services, along with case management and recovery support, according to Clara Boyden, the county’s Alcohol and Other Drug Programs manager.

The program will help remove barriers that can discourage people from getting the services they need. When access to care improves, so does the quality of life for those the program will serve, Kaplan said.

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