Special Feature #2: Promoting Positive Mental Health Outcomes – Storytelling

It’s time for our second feature of Promoting Positive Mental Health Outcomes. Once a week I am sharing BHRS Office of Diversity and Equity (ODE) prevention programs through a series of short video clips created by the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA), funded by MHSA.  Check out the previous blog post dated August 27, 2015 for the first Special Feature.

ODE’s Storytelling Series breaks down barriers, shed’s light on stigma and other community issues, is healing and empowering to individuals with lived experience, “there is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment on the third day when we sit around and watch the world premier of these videos, ” says Kathy Reyes, Program Coordinator.

Enjoy this short video clip, visit ODE’s Storytelling webpage to view an array of powerful and diverse stories, and come back to this blog next week for Special Feature #3 – The Parent Project!

The Storytelling Series includes both Digital Storytelling, a combination of video, sound, music, animation, photographs, and other images to capture an individual’s lived experience; and Photovoice, photographs to record and reflect on an important aspect of an individuals life and environment.

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