Make Your Personal Pledge to Be The One to Help

As you may have heard, BHRS Office of Diversity and Equity (ODE) is hosting a “Be The One” campaign to help reduce stigma toward behavioral health conditions. Part of the campaign encourages everyone to submit their own personal pledge on how they will reduce stigma around mental health and substance use conditions. In just one and a half months, we have gathered over 140 pledges, including photographic, online and post card pledges.  Those who have made pledges have expressed how gratifying it is to share. Check out the pledges by visiting

The more we talk about mental health and how to best help someone, the more likely a loved one will feel empowered to seek help and recover. Be The One to help!

You can make your own personal pledge by visiting and/or share your written pledge and/or photo with us, your friends and your family via social media with #BeTheOneSMC.


Dr. Jei Africa, ODE Director, shares his pledge… I will Be The One to “say people recover and there is hope.”