Police Mental Health Training Pays Off

Great to see the Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) being provided to officers in San Mateo County on how to respond to individuals needing mental health assistance is making a difference. In a recent stand off with an individual who was distraught and threatened to harm himself and others, the San Mateo Police worked together with the County’s SMART team (San Mateo County Mental Health Assessment and Referral Team) to prevent the situation from ending in a tragedy.  Kudos to the San Mateo Police for the sensitivity shown in handling a situation that could have easily gone sideways. Read the full story here.

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  • mtaylorfullertonBHRS

    CIT organizers just completed another 5-day training last week, graduating a new group of CIT officers. It was an eager, engaged group and really great to be a part of! Thank you to all the organizers for helping this important program, and congratulations to the newest CIT graduates!