Crisis Collaboration Work Moving Forward

The Behavioral Health & Recovery Services Crisis Collaboration Workgroup met for the third time this past week and a diverse group of service providers within San Mateo County were in attendance. Representatives from:  BHRS, Law Enforcement, School Districts, San Mateo Medical Center, Mills Hospital, V.A., NAMI, Probation, Emergency Medical Services, Mid-Pen Housing, crisis line providers, crisis response non-profits and several others came together with the goal to: 

  1. Increase crisis coordination between providers
  2. Understand and promote current crisis resources, and
  3. Look further into potential gaps or needed services

This meeting:

  • Early copies were handed out of the “Mental Health Emergency: Guidelines for Calling 911” – coming soon!  In the meantime, check out the new Mental Health Emergency website
  • Dr. Bob Cabaj, BHRS Medical Director provided a helpful framework for assessing violence through a Behavioral Health Lens.  (see handout & slides below)

Violence & Crisis: Handout

Violence & Crisis: A Behavioral Health Lens

  • We have three workgroups:  (1) Crisis Prevention / Client & Family Supports; (2) Crisis Response & Post-Response; and (3) Data & Evaluation of Crisis Service Spectrum.  Each group is working on action items and will reconvene in April.

While we have wonderful resources here in San Mateo County, we are sadly not immune to the tremendous tragedy at the intersection of Behavioral Health & Crisis.  This is very important work and it is hopeful to be part of such a motivated, dedicated group working to promote wellness in our communities.  A sincere Thank You  to all those who participated!