Health Equity Initiative Virtual Meeting links

Hello Community,

On behalf of all the Health Equity Initiatives, we hope you and your families are safe and healthy. We are sharing with you the Zoom links for all upcoming Health Equity Initiative meetings. Please see attached below.

In 2007, the Mental Health Services Act provided funding to continue and support staff efforts to address racial, ethnic, and cultural disparities in the delivery of and access to mental health and substance use services in the community. These Initiatives were created to focus on health disparities in access and quality of care for underserved, unserved and inappropriately served cultural and ethnic communities and identify the workforce development needs of staff of these communities.

Each Initiative plans and implements activities in collaboration with other county staff, community partners, consumers/clients/family members and community stakeholders. Activities include educational resources (translated in different languages); facilitated training on culturally-responsive practices, workshops and support groups; and community outreach.  

For more information about Health Equity Initiatives, please visit

In community,

The Office of Diversity and Equity

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