13 Reasons Why Season 2 Date Announcement Encourages Parents to Start Conversation


With the start date of 13 Reasons Why Season 2 announced to be on May 18, youth crisis services are distributing resources online in preparation for youth who will be re-watching season 1. They encourage all to remind parents that while the show may be okay for fairly well adjusted teens to watch, the show can be triggering for those who are not or have had trauma or thoughts of suicide.

The 13 Reasons Why Discussion Guide encourages parents to watch the show with their teens, and encourage discussion afterwards. The guide also provides specific discussion questions and points that parents may use as conversation starters.

Many have taken issue with the season 1 release of the Netflix original, accusing the show of glorifying and romanticizing teen suicide. In response to this backlash, the show will be making a few adjustments to the second season such as having different cast members appear at the beginning of each episode warning of the content as well as an aftershow for the actors to have discussions and dialogues with mental health professionals and educators about the show.

Other counseling resources available for youth over the summer:

YMCA SF – Youth Services Bureau – Offers Counseling and Groups over the summer – (650) 877-8642

Behavioral Health and Recovery Services – ACCESS Line 1-800-686-0101



http://www.star-vista.org/ – Offers counseling services and hold the Crisis Hotline which is 24/7 800-273-8255

One Life Counseling Center – San Carlos, Offers counseling services;  650-394-5155


For more ways to find a youth help/services here is a brochure.  


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For questions or concerns, contact Crisis Services Coordinator, Molly Henricks, LMFT at mhenricks@smcgov.org or 650-573-2306.