Project Rebound Offers Formerly Incarcerated Clients a Path to College

Project Rebound, a San Francisco State University program that assists formerly incarcerated men and women matriculate into college, recently offered an on-site presentation and campus tour to a group of our Service Connect clients. One client has already signed up for the program.

Project Rebound Tour

Service Connect clients tour the San Francisco State University campus.

Project Rebound was founded in 1967 by the late Professor, John Irwin, who also found himself incarcerated and later earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology at UCLA and a doctorate at UC Berkeley. Hundreds of men and women have obtained their college degrees thanks to Project Rebound and their supportive staff. This program is now in CSU’s throughout California and it continues to expand.

Project Rebound will be celebrating its 50th anniversary on September 26 and has hired Catering Connection, a part of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, for the event. Clients will staff the celebration from start to finish. Catering Connection is client based program which focuses on teaching skills, job sustainability and finding and maintaining employment. They are available to cater county events and can be reached at (650)-802-6505.