Farewell to ODE Interns!

As the fiscal year comes to a close, so does this round of ODE’s interns. We are so excited for our interns to move forward in their careers with an enhanced understanding of health policy and community planning, cultural competence and cultural humility, health disparities, health inequities, and stigma in different communities.

The three mental health interns gave presentations to our team about their work in ODE. Each intern primarily worked within their own programs: Kristie with Parent Project, Janette with youth and adult Mental Health First Aid, and Chenece with Directing Change film contest and screening. They all shared their achievements, challenges, and next steps.

In her exit report, Kristie writes, “The Parent Project Reunion, my biggest project during my internship, has greatly increased my knowledge of community program planning, and I am particularly proud of my work for the reunion because I was able to see it through from start to finish. Through the ODE intern and New Staff Trainings and organizational cultures of the office, I have learned how to actively practice cultural competency and humility in ways such as using person-first language, recognizing and challenging personal biases and assumptions, and avoiding words that stigmatize those experiencing a mental health challenge.” Watch the video of Frances (our Parent Project coordinator) presenting Kristie with her certificate of completion, and check out pictures of the rest of our interns and their certificates below.