MHFA training for Second Harvest Food Bank

Just in time to support the community for Thanksgiving, 15 people at Second Harvest Food Bank graduated as Mental Health First Aiders! The workshop took place on November 18th. Participants discussed topics in recognizing mental health issues, challenging stigma, and how to ask ‘the question’.

Just in case you are interested, it is important to ask someone about suicide if you are concerned: “Are you thinking about killing yourself?” Be direct. It is always better to feel a little embarrassed after someone says ‘no’ than to live with the regret that you didn’t intervene.

Volunteer for Second Harvest Food Bank here. Contact Natalie Andrade to learn more about Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid training: (650) 372-8548,

Below is a picture of the group– They are a silly bunch!


Second Harvest Food Bank after their Mental Health First Aid training.