Know the Signs. Find the Words. Reach Out.

Suicide-Prevention-Week-Graphic1Yesterday was the official launch of Suicide Prevention Week and everyone has a role to play when it comes to suicide prevention. Learn the warning signs, start conversations about suicide prevention at your school, place of work and in your community, and participate in a local walk or event. Showing your support for suicide prevention demonstrates to people who have lost friends and family to suicide that their loved ones are not forgotten and their pain is recognized.

The Know the Signs website is a good place to start. The “Know the Signs” section lists the warning signs of suicide, including specific ways these might be observed or expressed by teens and older adults. The “Find the Words” section provides information and tips for starting a conversation with someone you are concerned about. The “Reach Out” section includes national, state and county services and supports. Knowing about these resources can help bolster confidence to have the conversation and that there is help available for the person in distress. This website is also available in Spanish

Today’s challenge: Take the Quiz!

  1. Name five warning signs of suicide.
  2. It can be dangerous to mention suicide directly to someone who may be at risk. True or False?
  3. Most people who are thinking about suicide show some warning signs. True or False?
  4. What are two things that are important to talk about as part of a safety plan?
  5. List at least two resources that can help someone who may be suicidal. At least one should be a local resource in your community.

Visit and explore the Know the Signs website to learn the answers and see how you did.

For local crisis and suicide prevention resources or to get involved, visit