Happy Lunar New Year (新年快樂)

The Chinese Health Initiative (CHI) would like to wish everyone a very happy Lunar New Year!

This year Lunar New Year is celebrated on Monday, February 8, 2016. Traditionally, it’s a time for family gatherings, clean houses, and distribution of good fortune, happiness, and longevity.  While it’s a time of happiness for many individuals, others in the Chinese community may not welcome the Year of the Monkey as much as because of unresolved internal and external battles.

Mental health issues in the Chinese community, are often silenced and left untreated. CHI works hard to provide support, such as hosting parent presentations and family support groups. Participants are motivated to revitalize unity and a collective voice in the community. A participant shared in his digital storytelling with CHI that “[a] house divided will not stand; [we need to] create one that stands.” Another participant of Office of Diversity and Equity’s photovoice project added that individuals need “the help and counsel of others to unlock the knot in the heart so that it is possible to walk out of the darkness of shadow towards brightness.”

With this, we invite everyone to not only welcome the Lunar New Year, but to also to join our collective efforts to sustain a stronger community.

For more information about San Mateo County’s Chinese Health Initiative, please visit http://smchealth.org/bhrs/ode/chi.

For more information about Chinese Health Initiative’s Family Support Group, hosted by BHRS clinicians, please visit http://smchealth.org/sites/default/files/docs/ChineseFamilySupportGroup.pdf.

Thank you! 謝謝!

Lunar New Year