Chinese Parents and Children Learn About The Deeper Meaning of Success

Pastor Jonathan Lee welcomes the audience and presenters to the “Achieving Success & Balance in the Modern Day” presentation at the San Bruno Chinese Church.

On June 5th at the San Bruno Chinese Church, the Chinese Health Initiative (CHI) hosted an informative and emotional discussion on mental wellness within Chinese families. About 50 parents and children attended the 1.5 hour presentation on “Achieving Success & Balance in the Modern Day.”

CHI presenters included:
• Sunny Choi, MSW, ACSW – a bilingual Clinical Social Worker at North East Medical Services
• Johnson Ma, MA, MS – a bilingual Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology, currently working as a Psychologist Intern at the San Mateo County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services
• Steven Sust, MD – Chief Fellow at Stanford University Child & Adolescent Psychiatry training fellowship with basic fluency in Cantonese and Spanish

Presenters and audience members discussed concepts of wellness, balance, differences between parents’ and children’s generational culture and differences between Chinese and American ethnic cultures. For both parents and children, one of the key takeaways was that success goes beyond academic success and also encompasses a balanced and happy life.

After the presentation, family members stayed to talk to the presenters and expressed their interest in more presentations and trainings related to mental health, especially for Asian students facing high stress and high achieving environments.