Soul Strollers Come Together for Mental Health Awareness

1. Can people get over mental illness without medication?
2. Can people stabilize a mental illness simply with medication alone?
3. Are there any ethnic/racial groups that are more likely to have mental illnesses?
4. Is it all in a person’s head?
5. Is it true that more people in the world have died by suicide than by homicide?

Over 100 people answered these questions pertaining to mental health and wellness at the 14th Annual Soul Stroll for Health. Want to know how you would do? Try and answer a few of the questions, answers can be found at

On May 16th, 2015 residents from San Mateo County gathered to attend the 14th Annual Soul Stroll for Health event. This year’s theme was mental health. As part of the effort, the African-American Community Initiative (AACI); a Health Equity Initiative of the Office of Diversity and Equity, participated by engaging Strollers in a game of Q&A on mental health and recovery and providing culturally relevant mental health information and resources. Many participants were eager to participate by spinning our game wheel and answering questions to win a prize.