Mental Health Emergency Materials aka “Family Script”

Since the launch of our Family Script, a guide to helping family and friends prepare for and communicate effectively in the event a loved one is experiencing a mental health crisis, we have distributed 15,000 copies of the printed materials. We are also aware of people accessing to download the materials. The response to these materials has been fantastic. Here are a few quotes: “These are great resources for families and providers.” Valuable information. Thank you very much for making it easy for clients and family members.” “I want to distribute both the brochure and wallet cards to my entire staff, they need this important resource.”

We are in the final stages of having the Family Script available in Spanish. Once completed we will do the same with Tagalog and Mandarin.

BHRS is committed to as wide a distribution of these important materials as possible. Share the information and encourage others to submit a request for copies and/or visit the website to download them.

The Family Script, is but one part of our effort to ensure that any individual experiencing a mental health crisis receives the most appropriate intervention and treatment, and that they and others albeit family members, neighbors or law enforcement are safe.